Our Vision

Is to contribute to the world a bunch of happy, healthy, simple living people who desire to learn life skills and be the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

To spread happiness and the love of learning by teaching life skills to the young and old at heart.

About bfree2be

Bfree2be Centre of Learning was a 10 year vision simmering and patiently waiting for the right moment to be birthed by its creator (me) Bec Dudley.

I created a simple, happy and healthy life with my late husband and I always said to him I would love to share with others how we did it. It was all possible from having basic life skills.

My vision was to have a central place where you could come to learn basic life skills no matter what your age. It was designed to be taught at the beginning level of a skill. Think: "as if you had never seen or used the skill before or you may need help with a little tweaking of the skill" - then we've got you!

As the Bfree2be Centre of Learning has started to take shape I realised this was much bigger than my own ability to gift my skillsets and knowledge.

So I created a generous Affiliate Program to compensate the different individuals who come from a variety of fields that are now collaborating with me and sharing their own knowledge and skillsets, which in turn is expanding our - Life Skills Course/Module Library.

My plan as we grow is to also create a private "Community Space" within the Bfree2be Centre of Learning so that all our enrolled students can meet each other with a monthly webinar/ Q&A on a chosen topic with an industry expert.

I am sure bfree2be will continue to evolve as we continue to grow.

How does it get any better than that?